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Welcome to Our First Steps, the home of parent and baby classes for mummy and baby yoga, yoga classes for children, yoga classes for pregnant women, baby sensory and baby massage in Oldham and Ashton. We’ve got lots of activities, workshops and information for mums, mums-to-be and their little bundles of joy. We help create positive change by creating an environment where everyone can feel loved, nurtured and cared for. And, we support the health and wellbeing of babies, children and their parents by helping ensure a restful night’s sleep, reduce stress and create feelings of bonding and security. We love meeting new people, especially new little humans, and we help them be all they can be from the beginning.

-Your Child Grows-

Our First Steps exists to help your child develop from the earliest time possible by providing baby sensory, yoga, massage and activities for pregnant women and young children. Founded by our instructor Becky, Our First Steps was set up to help mums, their babies, children and mums-to-be stay fit, bond and relax. We have years of experience working with babies, mums-to-be and children in swimming, health and fitness activities. Spotting the need for some dry activities for children and new mothers, we set out on a mission to create a space for learning, fitness, health and sensory development second-to-none.

-For Mummies, Babies and Kids-

When parents are happy and supported, their babies and children get better care. We offer a holistic approach to bonding, health and fitness that helps parents, babies and children exercise, bond, improve their fitness and relax. Our activities are yoga based and they are safe for pregnant women even late into their pregnancy. Our children’s yoga classes are specially designed for children 12 years and under. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, our activities are never too strenuous for their participants. The activities we offer at Our First Steps are uniquely able to address the health and fitness needs of people who otherwise might find it hard to stay fit and healthy. At the same time, we help lay the foundations of a healthy, happy, and productive life by encouraging good habits and improving understanding of child, baby and mother mental health and relaxation.

-The Blog-

baby massage colic

Can Baby Massage Help With Colic?

Babies often cry for various reasons – they may be hungry, they may be cranky because they’re tired or simply experience what is known as separation anxiety when they’re far away from their carer. Sometimes, however, they cry because of colic. Baby massage is one of those things that parents whish they knew about when […]


What Are the Benefits of Hypnobirthing?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time which should be celebrated and enjoyed. The birth of a new life is a unique and special event which should fill us with joy and happiness. However, in reality a lot of parents, and especially mummies-to-be, don’t feel that way. This often is a time filled with anxiety and fear. […]

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