-Baby Massage Classes-

What is baby massage?

Baby Massage is a wonderful and special way to help fulfill your baby’s emotional and physical needs. The amazing power of a parent’s touch is both relaxing and soothing. It’s an incredible way for you to bond with your baby and to help ease some of the discomfort your little one might be feeling. Skin to skin contact makes your baby feel safe and protected and it creates a truly beautiful foundation for you to build a happy and healthy relationship with your child. Our baby massage courses are held in small, friendly groups from our location in Ashton. Courses typically last four weeks and teach new parents how to relax, sooth and bond with their baby using massage strokes and techniques. The course is broken up into different body parts and aims to teach parent how to relieve baby problems such as teething and colic. Each week also includes a special baby sensory activity to encourage awareness, learning and create those special first moments with your baby.
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How can baby massage help?

Relief – Baby massage can help to offer natrual relief from the discomfort of digestive pain, caused by wind or constipation. It can also be used to soothe teething pain and help relieve nasal and chest congestion if your baby has a cold or other ailment. Relaxation – When you massage your baby, both your bodies produce relaxing “feel good” hormones which can help you both to relax. A more relaxed baby is likely to feed and sleep better. Development – Baby massage can help to mature the nervous system and strengthen bones and joints. Bonding – Oxytocin “the nurturing hormone” is produced when you massage your baby which helps to encourage bonding and creates a real connection between parents and their child.

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