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Our Guide For An Easier Labour And How To Turn Baby

We know that as your due date approaches, many of you mummies-to-be will be googling and searching for all the info you can get on what you can expect when you go into labour. Many of you are also wondering how to make your labour more comfortable and quicker. Labour is usually much speedier and […]

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Wading through the water wobbles

It’s incredibly frustrating when fear stops us, or those we love, from doing what we want to do in life. Fear is normal and it’s a normal part of development which helps us learn what’s safe, what isn’t and what we enjoy. It’s not any different when learning to swim as a baby… which, not […]

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Aqua Yoga: What Is It and How Does It Help During Pregnancy?

It’s difficult to keep yourself fit whilst you’re pregnant. Your normal health routine might be disrupted by your doctor’s health advice, your energy levels might fluctuate or you might find your old routine just isn’t comfortable for the time being. Not being able to exercise the way you’re used to can make you feel down, […]

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What to Bring to Your First Baby Swim Class

Did you know that we start our baby swimming lessons at only 6 weeks? You may think that this is very young but babies are actually pretty amazing little humans and learn very quickly! Plus, swimming is great for babies and their general development. If you have decided to bring your baby to one of […]

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Why Swimming Is Good For Your Baby

A lot of people don’t realise that babies can start swimming almost from birth. It can be difficult to grasp the idea of a tiny human floating and paddling successfully in the water. Did you know babies can be excellent swimmers when they’re in a safe environment? If your little dolphin is healthy, there’s absolutely […]

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