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Should I go to Baby Massage Classes?

If you’re a new mother you might not be familiar with baby massage yet; but it’s one of the most common ways to sooth, quiet, calm and ease baby during its development. Our Baby Massage classes teach new mothers various techniques and practices which can help deal with common problems like colic, indigestion and weak […]

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What are the benefits of Mummy and Baby Yoga Classes?

New mums can find it hard to get back into their usual exercise routine, not so much because of the physical aspects of being a new mum (although that is tiring enough!), but because they have a new baby in tow. Let’s face the facts: a lot of gym environments aren’t baby friendly; a lot […]

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Why baby massage isn’t “just a massage”

Massage can mean many beautiful, wonderful things. When we hear the word we instantly imagine ourselves lay on a beach or in a spa enjoying the ultimate relaxation therapy as each sense is simulated with aromatic smells and gentle, soothing touch. In fact, it is often said that “Massage is not just a luxury. It […]

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What is Colic and How Baby Massage Can Help?

Becoming a new mum comes with many challenges as we all very well know! Some which go without saying like the sleepless nights, nappy changes and being constantly covered in baby sick – those are the sort of things you can prepare yourself for (almost). But then of course come the things which you least […]

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How can you help your baby learn from day one?

Babies are born into the world with big brains but no knowledge. Everything is new! When everything is new there’s a lot to learn and a huge number of things to experience. Each colour will be seen for the first time, each smell smelt for the first time, each sound heard for the first time. […]

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