The Benefits of Child Yoga Classes

When you first hear about kids’ yoga you might first be surprised that there are children’s yoga classes. You may be wondering what the possible benefits of child yoga could be, is it right for your child and whether you should sign up your kids to a class like ours at our venue in Ashton.

All these questions are perfectly normal, and we’d like to address them in this blog.

What are Child Yoga & Core classes?

Yoga is an increasingly popular form of exercise recommended even by the NHS as a safe and effective way to increase your physical activity. There is a lot of evidence that it’s beneficial for reducing certain aches and pains, high blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. It’s also a great way to reduce levels of stress and it can help your mental health.

Yoga, despite what you may think, can be practiced safely and enjoyed at almost any age. It could be done by mummies and babies, mummies-to-be, kids or even elderly people.

A usual yoga session is a series of breathing techniques accompanied with different positions and stretches which increase your body’s strength and flexibility. The difference between standard yoga and our Child Yoga & Core classes is that we’ve made sure the positions and the intensity level of the entire exercise routine is tailored specially for children. We’ve also combined the traditional yoga poses with a few core exercises which are perfect to strengthen our little yogis’ core and help them in their other sport activities.

What are the benefits of Child Yoga & Core classes?

1. Encourage healthy lifestyle

Introducing your kids from a young age to yoga can be the perfect way of making them excited about sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. We all know how hard it is even for adults to do the recommended amount of exercise per week. By making children get in the habit of being active from that age, we are more likely to help them get enjoyment out of sports and exercise and therefore encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle throughout their lives.

Yoga also teaches kids to be more mindful in their movements, to calm themselves and focus their mind. This can become a very healthy habit which would benefit children as they grow.

2. Increase strength and flexibility

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise that increases both strength and flexibility. Yoga poses make you utilise a wide range of your muscles and they help you stretch your body in ways that you may not usually do. This, with regular practice, improves your flexibility which can be beneficial not just for everyday life but also in other sports too.

Additionally, some of the poses require strength to hold your body in the given pose which once again uses varied muscles across your body and helps strengthen them. Our children’s yoga classes include also exercise which specifically strengthen the core which is important for general health, fitness and balance.

3. Promote relaxation and self-awareness

Yoga is a form of exercise but unlike many other sports it’s non-competitive. Yoga promotes relaxation and provides a safe space to explore the strength of your body’s abilities which increases self-awareness. This makes it the perfect class even for kids who shy away from physical sports or group activities for fear of not being good enough or failure. It’s also a great way to encourage children to do more sports once they become more comfortable doing exercises.

Additionally, yoga techniques like breathing and slow deliberate movements of the body can be very relaxing and helpful for the practitioner to slow down, take a deep breath and disconnect from their daily life. Children, just like adults, feel stress during their day and feel all sorts of pressure from the world around them. A yoga class is a great place to explore the ways in which one can learn how to decrease their stress levels and unwind.

4. Improve coordination and balance

Kids yoga, just like regular yoga, through the different positions, exercises a very wide range of muscles. A lot of the poses require the practitioner to focus both their mental and physical strength to maintaining the pose for a period of time. This requires both balance and coordination skills which get developed with every class.
Doing yoga exercises regularly will gradually help the practitioner better their proprioception – the individual’s ability to grasp their body’s relative position and movements in the space around them. This sense helps us do tasks like dance, touch type, be good at sports or even drive an automobile without having to constantly check where our feet are in relation to the pedals.

5. Improve concentration

Child yoga is a great way to help your kid improve their concentration. Focusing on doing the different poses and mindfully maintaining them encourages children to focus on a specific task at hand, still their mind and improve their concentration. Children are amazing learners and instilling healthy habits like this one – to simply take a deep breath, calm yourself and focus, is one of the best things you could teach them. Learning how to be more concentrated will help them in school and generally in life.

Is Child Yoga Right For My Child?

We believe that most kids would absolutely enjoy yoga, however we often get questions from worried parents who think that their kid may not be suitable for the class or that they may not enjoy it. These are some of the questions we get:

What if my child is not very flexible, can he still do yoga?

Yes! Absolutely they can. Some people are naturally more flexible than other but that doesn’t mean that the less flexible kids won’t enjoy the benefits of the exercise. Plus, they will also get better at it with every lesson. One of the best things about yoga is that’s exactly what it does – helps increase your body’s flexibility. You will notice how your little one can reach further and further when they stretch as time goes on.

I can’t do yoga myself, will that be a problem?

No, our mums and dads don’t actually participate in the yoga sessions. We have a wonderful instructor – Becky, who will be showing your little ones what to do and taking care of them.

My kid is really hyperactive, how will I get them to do yoga?

One of the best things about yoga is that it helps teach kids to be calmer. Of course, some may get a little distracted during the class and that’s perfectly normal. We understand that not all kids are the same and some may need extra time to get used to yoga but if they can stay in a position for 10 seconds today and 30 seconds next week – that means they are learning and progressing!

We hope our article has given you a little more insight into our Child Yoga & Core classes. If you have any other questions we haven’t thought of yet, please, message us on Facebook or write us an e-mail , we’re always happy to hear from new parents!

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