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What are Child Yoga & Core Classes?

Child Yoga and Core Classes are unique fitness classes for children, aged 4-12 years old, which focus on building their flexibility, strength, co-ordination and general well-being through yoga exercises. We are one of the few providers, nationally, of these wonderful and special classes for young people. Our yoga classes for children use a specially designed form of yoga that is safe for children, and also focus on core fitness in a way that will benefit other sporting activities such as swimming, football and netball.

Our Child Yoga and Core Classes also help improve calmness, self-control, body awareness and concentration. The classes include breathing techniques and poses that help create patience and consistency when under physical strain. These are fantastic things for young children to learn, including aspiring sports-persons, because in competition we are often faced with situations which require calm nerves. We know you’ll agree that our Yoga classes for children offer a unique opportunity for personal development in a friendly, non-competitive environment. We currently host our children’s yoga classes in small groups at our venue in Ashton, taught by our instructor, Becky.

Yoga Child
Children's Yoga Class

What will children learn?

Flexibility – Yoga exercises joints by focusing on holds, poses and stretches. Flexibility is often something other exercise classes neglect because they are not a central part of the activity. Flexibility is something people are expected to have in most sports, but often forget to train, and this is one area were Yoga based fitness classes are really a huge benefit.

Co-ordination & Body Awareness – Our specially designed children’s yoga exercises help young people to become more aware of their bodies and the space they exist in. The intentional slow motion of yoga poses helps kids learn how to be more coordinated and in control of their own movements.

Calmness & Control – Exercise and sport classes often exercise movement and motion, yoga does this too, but it also exercises stability, breathing and stamina. By focusing on poses, our child yoga classes can help develop skills of calmness and control that benefit children throughout their expanding lives.

Core Fitness – Yoga has always sought to improve general fitness and wellbeing rather than focusing on any specific part of the human body. Our children’s classes make sure to include exercises which benefit core fitness of the abdominals, back and sides which are so important for balance and general health.

Pictures From Our Classes

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Yoga Mummy
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