Mum & Baby Yoga

Mummy & Baby Yoga is a fantastic way to support your baby through its early development. It is a fun and healthy way to bond with your baby whilst helping you both to relax. It helps your baby to stretch and discover his body and ability to move and you to tune in to his needs and responses. It’s beneficial for all babies because from birth they respond positively to stimulation through movement and the incredibly soothing sensation of touch. Also, our parent and baby yoga sessions are beginner friendly – you don’t need to practice yoga or know anything about it to get started with us!

Mummy and Baby Yoga is a unique exercise class held in the comfort of your own home via zoom. We aim to safely tone and support a new-mum after birth, giving the opportunity to get back into exercise with her baby by her side. This class is specially for post pregnancy, and exercises are broken up with some baby yoga fun to strengthen baby’s growth.

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Health Benefits

Relaxation: Stretching and breathing can help both you and your baby relax. Our session include light stretches both for baby and for the parents too, which can help balance the body and mind.

Development: Our sessions stimulate your baby’s senses and improve muscle strength and tone, co-ordination and balance. It helps them discover their bodies and ability to move in different ways.

Bonding: It’s a beautiful and relaxing way to spend fun time with your baby whilst learning soothing and calming techniques to help you with your parenting.

Exercising: Baby yoga is a gentle form of exercise for both baby and mummy which is so important for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It’s a great way to start exercising and stretch and strengthen your body after birth in a safe and relaxing way.

We know that each baby and each mummy are unique, so our Mummy and Baby Yoga includes a wide range of different practices that can be combined to suit your needs. Our sessions are a blend of postnatal yoga and baby yoga for new mothers with baby included in the positions; Joint parent/baby relaxation (walking relaxation, instant relaxation, relaxation to sleep, feeding relaxation); and, Transitional practices (head control, sitting, crawling, standing, early steps, first jumps and balances).

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