-Yoga for Pregnancy-

What is Pregnancy Yoga?

Yoga is a wonderful, safe and effective way to stay fit whilst pregnant. Pregnancy yoga uses gentle movements, breathing, and positions to exercise your body and maintain your posture. With Our First Steps’ trained instructor, pregnancy yoga helps you to reach your goals even whilst you’re creating new life. Yoga classes during pregnancy benefit your breathing, pelvic floor, back, hips and general fitness.

Our yoga classes for pregnant women are held in small, friendly groups from our location in Ashton. Our classes cover a number of techniques and exercises suitable for expecting mothers and are a great place to meet other pregnant women in an inclusive environment. Our mixture of stretching, controlled breathing and mental focus offers a variety of benefits during pregnancy. This form of yoga can also increase strength and flexibility in the muscles used during childbirth.

Pregnancy Yoga
Mummy and Baby Yoga

Yoga Can Also Help With…

Improve sleep, Create awareness and bond for baby before birth, Reduce stress and anxiety, Increase strength, Increase flexibility, Create friendships between other mummies-to-be.

What are the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga?

The Breath – Although breathing is something we do all the time, we should still take the time to remind ourselves of its importance! Breathing is an essential element of delivering a baby, it helps relax the body and take your mind away from pain. Pregnancy yoga will help with conscious breathing and to “still the mind”. The classes will show you how to take a deep breath to allow more oxygen into your body.

Pelvic Floor – The pelvic floor supports the reproductive organs and baby during pregnancy. Due to the increased load the pelvic floor has to support, it is especially important to exercise it. Like any other muscle, the pelvic floor can be strengthened with the correct exercises. A strong pelvic floor muscle will allow you to carry more comfortably and will help both mum and baby during labour and delivery.

The Posture – As baby grows, your centre of gravity changes. As the belly grows forward the abdominals are stretched beyond their original shape. This can weaken them and cause back pain. Pregnancy yoga can help to safely strengthen the core and alleviate this pain. By stretching upper leg muscles and lower back in safe positions, pain can be minimised to allow a much happier pregnancy!

The Feet – As your pregnancy progresses, the centre of gravity in your body shifts. Your stance and pressure in your feet changes too. This can lead to pain at the heel, arch and ball of the foot and leg cramping. Safe stretches in yoga can help promote circulation and ease the pain.

The Hips – Pregnancy yoga helps keep hips flexible and comfortable. During Pregnancy hormones are released to soften and relax joints in our pelvis to prepare for child birth. It’s important to keep these muscles safely exercised, to help create a comfortable pregnancy and encourage an easier birth.

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